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TongTool ERP is a cloud based platform for CBEC merchants and online sellers to manage and serve their business.It can meet the needs of end users that manage their back-office of multiple sales channels and analyse statistical data.It creates a complete workflow,proivding features for goods management,purchasing processes,warehouse and inventory management,customer management,authority management etc.Tongtool ERP has integrated with Wish(and other platforms) Orders received from Wish seamlessly brought into TongTool ERP for easy automated systems management.Print picking slips to include with packing list, And quickly product shipping labels.Meanwhile,you can pack these goods into box.The tracking information is immediatly updated to the associated Wish and emailed to your customer.

TongTool Listing is a quick listing management tools to run a successful online business.It enables sellers to easily list and sell their products on muliple sales channels as Wish etc.And provides support for scheduled listing,automatic relisting,fix priced offers etc.In the near future,it will be connected with Tongtool ERP and manages your inventory for every online store.A product sold across any online sales channel will update each outlet,keeping your inventory count always in sync.

TongTool ERP and Tongtool Listing was designed and created by Shenzhen Isunor Online Technology Co.Ltd;a professontal software company,was founded in 2010. Shenzhen Isunor Online Technology Co.Ltd specialises in automated e-commerce solutions for the CBEC marketplace in China.Our products is prieded on constrantly being improved to optimize CBEC solutions for an ecommerce merchants business.Welcome to access the following website to join our community and share your views on anything that we can further include to grow your business.