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Founded in 2012, Sumy ERP Management System is the earliest enterprise-level management software at Wish platform. Over the 4 years, Sumy is always taking the operation principle of “creating value for clients” to serve thousands of cross-border e- business enterprises.

Sumy ERP has been taking the optimization of sellers’ internal management as its major direction since its establishment, which means that, it promotes work efficiency and guarantees enterprises document safety from the perspectives of order handling, procurement management, inventory management and financial accounting.

Sumy ERP persists in giving priority to practical and easy use. Based on the enthusiastic participation of thousands of sellers and combining with the design thought of internet products, the ERP system that is mostly close to sellers’ daily work is born; it is ready to hand and the flow is controllable. Along with the perfect employee training and after-sales service system, Sumy ERP broke the myth of “playing with fire when logging in ERP or wait to die if not” with changing the status of ERP products as vase on table.