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Mango ERP is a sub-brand under Hangzhou Mayun Network Technology Co. Ltd. It is a free ERP for cross-border e-commence, which also offers complete information service for cross-border e-commence. It also offers extensive functions, including product management, order management, pre-sale management, post-sale management, customer management, storage & logistics management , financial management, data analysis, and operation and marketing management. what’s more, it supports multiple platforms and multiple stores, as well as access control of master account.

Operation and Marketing Management: we offer a variety of product marketing functions for multiple platforms. For example, the decoration template for products. By logging in one account of Mando ERP, you will be able to manage data for multiple stores from multiple platforms. The complete access control is suitable for all kinds of customer management requirements. We are constantly updating our products, aiming to develop more and better functions to serve Chinese cross-border sellers. We hope that cross-border sales and operations would become more efficient and easier through our efforts.