Global trading assistant

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Global trading assistant is an ERP designed for cross-border electricity suppliers to provide more convenient and more rapid shop management.

We have a great team, and every detail of every product is done best by every person in the team. Global trading assistant function is complete. The procedures of pre-sales, sales, after-sales of are all included. As to the pre-sales product management, data acquisition, batch modification, shop interaction, batch SKU and so on, are already the reliable product handling tools for sellers. As to sales orders, including online and offline delivery, orders export, surface printing, logistics tracking, a key evaluation, from the buyer making orders until the product reaching buyers, the order management function will carefully throughout assisted you.

As to the after-sales customer management, real-time communication with customers, a key back to the mail, evaluation, message in the station, ect. can closer the buyers and sellers. The buyers and sellers make more understanding of each other.

In addition, we also have the offline inventory management, including real-time inventory, purchasing, profit analysis, etc. These are indispensable store management functions for mature electricity suppliers. Global trading assistant is constantly growing and more and more cross-border businesses choose us and trust us, which gives us unlimited power. In the follow-up time, the global trading assistant will continue to provide unlimited help to cross-border businesses. We will also be more perfect in order to serve you better.